Laptop: Spitfire Manjaro Special Edition

OK, community – we have now worked on this for months, and the results are simply astounding. In association with Station X the Manjaro Team is very proud to announce our first Laptop, together with a hardware manufacturer especially designed for our beloved community.

If you’re looking for the sleekest Linux laptop in existence, then look no further. The Spitfire is a head turner – with lots and lots of muscle. Powered with 7th Generation Intel Core Processors, up to 32GB RAM and dual drive bays, the Spitfire can take whatever you can throw at it. And keep going.

With a super-light all-aluminum chassis, and a killer 1080p IPS display, the Spitfire can run Manjaro at blazing speed.

The Manjaro Edition Spitfire will be fully supported by the Manjaro Team with updates integrated directly into the standard Manjaro repos. You’ll be able to design the exact version of the Manjaro Spitfire you fancy – and we will be launching with two versions – the Manjaro Special Edition i5 Spitfire (coming at the end of October), and the Manjaro Special Edition Spitfire Pro at the end of November (with i7 processors and a laser-engraved Manjaro logo on the lid).

Keyfeatures are:

  • 7th Gen Intel® Core™ CPUs (i5-7200u or i7-7500u)
  • INTEL® HD GRAPHICS 610/620
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Silver Aluminium Chassis
  • DDR4 Memory Support up to 32 GB of RAM
  • Ultra thin: just 17.8mm!
  • Full HD IPS 1920 x 1080
  • SuperFast SSDs (up to 500 GB)
  • Optional secondary storage (up to 1TB)
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0
  • HDMI Output Connection
  • Mini Display Port
  • 1.0MP Webcam
  • Wireless Fitted as Standard

Order now.

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30-11-17: i7 and laser-edged Logo on the lid

Ok Folks, the Manjaro Spitfire Pro is now also available. The options for the i7 CPU and getting a laser-edged Manjaro Logo on the lid are now available.

12-11-17: At 18:00 CET Nick is talking to Mr. Manjaro

29-10-17: Eddie is changing the keyboard

27-10-17: Preparing shipping to our customers

Ok Folks, the Manjaro Spitfire begins shipping to our first pre-order customers later this week! Don’t be left out!

13-09-17: Pre-order launch

Pre-Orders have now BEGUN for the i5 Manjaro Edition Spitfire! Come and reserve yours now! Shipping end of Oct!

18-09-17: Interview with Bernhard and Philip

11-09-17: Interview with Eddie Vassallo