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Volunteer as Software Developer or Packager

There are many projects that require different packaging or programming languages skills. Head to Manjaro GitLab, pick the software you want to work on and contact one of the team members (preferably Mark or Roman) to ask them for account creation. Afterwards read sending PR's to get started.

On the other side if you have some interesting software you have done that you want to be part of Manjaro get in touch with us using the contact form.

Volunteer as Web Developer/Designer

In our web infrastructure we work with flask, wagtail, nodejs, docker and usually tailwindcss for the front end, have a look at gitlab web section. Explain what project you want to help with on account creation

Volunteer as Community Tester

Community testers, review updates within the branches and report issues. Have a look at community testers and reporting bugs.

Volunteer as Forum Moderator

Forum moderator keep the forum organized and tidy. Ideally you already have some Manjaro forum experience and know your way around it, to apply login in the forum and send a direct message to Mark and let him know why you want to be a moderator.

  • Move posts to correct sections
  • Spell check or correct them
  • Keep the community free of abusive users

Volunteer for the Wiki

You can volunteer for the wiki as documentation writer, to apply as a writer head to the wiki and create a account after your account is approved you can start writing content.

You Want to Volunteer as Something Else We Have Not Covered

Head to the contact form and email the Manjaro project.