Manjaro Linux survives because of the tireless efforts of many people in the community and the core development circle and having joy to develop on this great open source project!

There are many ways to help support Manjaro. If technical development, documentation, or support aren’t your strong points, you could certainly help us by dropping a few bucks our way.

Many thanks!


Use of Donations

In order to keep Manjaro independently, free from advertising and to be able to operate the webpage in normal speed, we would appreciate your financial support.

The donations will be used to mainly cover the operating costs of the webservers, obtain and replace hardware, pay for general hardware-related utilities such as network connectivity and maintain infrastructure. Any surplus may be for special activities (such as attending conferences and trade shows) within the development team of Manjaro.



  • No rights or privileges are associated with a deposit.
  • All donations are anonymous. Any sender details are not published or shared.
  • A tax-related donation receipt can not be issued, because Manjaro is not a commercial nor registered organization.
  • Legally, it is a private donation.



On the transfer form the word donation must be mentioned in the purpose area. Who also indicates his email address, receives on request a confirmation of receipt.

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