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Manjaro Linux started as a hobby project and it’s just fun to work and develop with our great community on it! – Roland Singer

Manjaro Linux targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. We provide user interface tools and scripts to make life easier. Manjaro supports NVIDIA’s Optimus technology out of the box… – Philip Müller

[Stable Update] 2017-11-25 – Kernels, Jade, VirtualBox, Deepin, Kernel v4.15

Hi community, with this we updated most of our kernels, introduced v4.15 series, marked v4.13 as EOL, updated VirtualBox, added latest Deepin packages and had a rebuild of ICU depending packages. We also added a new version of our JADE dashboard. Remember, we only continue with our 64bit architecture from now on. Please adopt to […]

[Stable Update] 2017-11-19 – Kernels, Deepin, Python, Haskell, Firefox Quantum

Hi community, most of you will talk about Firefox with this update. It claims to be twice faster than before, 30% memory usage and having a powerful private mode. We also updated Deepin packages once more, renewed most of our Kernels and had the regular Python and Haskell updates. Remember, we only continue with our […]

Manjaro-Cinnamon Community Edition 17.0.6 featuring Cinnamon Desktop 3.6

We are proud to announce the availability of Manjaro-Cinnamon Community Edition 17.0.6, including the latest Cinnamon Desktop 3.6. The complete x-apps stack is included with the latest available versions aswell as a variety of useful software for everyday needs. Also: installers Calamares 3.1.8 and Manjaro-Architect 0.9.3, package manager Pamac 6.2.2 and a new alternative set […]