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Manjaro empowering devices and users

Manjaro is a versatile open-source Linux operating system designed with a strong focus on safeguarding user privacy and offering extensive control over hardware. This user-friendly OS is an excellent choice for those who seek a fresh computing experience, as it can be seamlessly installed on a diverse array of devices. With support for both x86-64 and ARM architectures, Manjaro stands as an ideal option for any device or computing environment. Furthermore, Manjaro provides an array of customization options and a rich selection of applications, all while prioritizing security and privacy features. To cater to a wide audience.

  • Plug & Play Hardware
  • Rolling release
  • Wide range of software
  • Secure by default
  • Lightning fast
  • Easily installed


Multiple interfaces

Choose your favorite desktop environment from a range of popular options, including Plasma, Gnome and XFCE. Additionally explore various community editions like Cinnamon, Mate and more to customize your desktop experience further.



application access

Effortlessly install a plethora of applications via the Pamac software center, which seamlessly accommodates an array of package formats such as Flatpaks, Snaps and native packages. Alternatively, you have the option to create your own packages, leveraging the Arch User Repository as a foundational resource for customization.



software experience

The inclusion of multiple branches empowers you to tailor your software experience. By default, you're positioned on the stable branch, yet the flexibility exists to shift to the testing or unstable branches, providing access to diverse software versions.




Always update your system, do it fast, but do it informed.