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Manjaro Linux started as a hobby project and it’s just fun to work and develop with our great community on it! – Roland Singer

Manjaro Linux targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. We provide user interface tools and scripts to make life easier. Manjaro supports NVIDIA’s Optimus technology out of the box… – Philip Müller

[Stable Update] 2018-05-17 – GCC8, Gimp, KDE, Gnome, Deepin, Firefox

Hi community, although we tried to wait not too long since the last one, this has again become quite a big and important stable update. With the arrival of GCC8 all our kernels with extramodules and other software had to be re-compiled. Kernels linux 414, 416, 49 and realtime LTS kernel 4.14.40-rt30 had new point […]

[Stable Update] 2018-05-07 – Kernels, Mesa, Glibc, PHP, Nvidia, Plasma5, Firefox

Hi community, welcome to another stable update of Manjaro. Mostly we worked the past days on our toolchain. Please read our Troubleshooting guide for more details. Other changes are: updating Pamac, which fixes an issue unable to close a mirrorlist generation and shows now a progressbar during updates checking more JADE updates updated Kernels added […]

More Community and Minimal Editions 17.1.8

Over the last few days the Manjaro team has been busy adding more updated editions to the 17.1.8 collection. Most exiting novelties are a brand new Manjaro-Openbox spin using an exciting panel integration of polybar. If you like builds with just the very basic software pre-installed, you now also have the additional choice of minimal-ISOs […]

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