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Manjaro Linux started as a hobby project and it’s just fun to work and develop with our great community on it! – Roland Singer

Manjaro Linux targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. We provide user interface tools and scripts to make life easier. Manjaro supports NVIDIA’s Optimus technology out of the box… – Philip Müller

Manjaro 0.9.0-dev – Hands on Plasma 5

Lane Wiscombe (anex) is currently working on our Plasma 5 release of Manjaro 0.9.0. With the help our our development team we made it possible to get a running version already up. Watch the video and download our install media to try it out yourself.

Manjaro Xfce 0.8.11 Second Release Candidate

I’m happy to announce the second release candidate for our 0.8.11 Xfce installation media!   Thanks to the Manjaro community for testing and reporting issues with the first release candidate, and a shout out to the Xfce community as well for their feedback!   Changes/fixes since RC1: Fix CUPS service doesn’t start (new service name […]

Manjaro KDE 0.8.11 Release Candidate available

Along with the recently announced main Xfce edition installation media release candidate, also available is the release candidate for our KDE edition. More information about this release can be found on our forums here: Download here