The terminal is a very powerful tool that almost never fails to work and does exactly the things you want from it. You don’t click on something in the terminal - You insert a command and it will do what the command say. Many Linux users like to provide solutions via terminal as it’s completely independent from the user interface (which you can heavily modify).

Here are instructions to how to use the terminal to run some command:

Run a command
• Open a terminal via application launcher. Search for “Terminal”, “Console”, “Konsole” etc.
• Select the command text and copy it
• Paste it into the terminal window
• Press enter
• Wait until the program is finished or wants some interaction
• Repeat everything for the next command

The terminal will sometimes prompt for a password or some user interaction. The password is the one you have to enter to install something.

If the terminal wants a password, just type it in and press enter. Don’t be confused as while typing you won’t see asterisks or other visual information.
Sometimes the terminal will ask “Do something? [Y/N]". Press Y for answering “yes” and N for answering “no”. If there are more options, you often can press ? to show an explanation.