Former Fellows

Below is a list of all the former and inactive developers at Manjaro Linux. Many thanks to you all!

Roland Singer


E-Mail roland[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Austria
YOB 1993
Languages German, English
Role Founder, Designer, Developer, Web Developer, Administrator
Involvements Development of Manjaro Applications, Packages, Repository Management, Website



Mateusz Mikolajczyk


E-Mail toudi[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Poland
YOB 1984
Languages Polish, English
Role Developer
Involvements Thus – graphical installer



Demiray Muhterem


E-Mail tulliana[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Turkey
YOB 1977
Languages Turkish, English
Role Developer, Artist
Involvements Manjaro KDE Edition Maintainer, Turkish irc-web support, Manjaro artworks



Wlad Meixner


Alias wlad
E-Mail wlad[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Germany
Languages German, English, Russian
Role Web Developer, Web Consultant
Involvements Website, Testing







E-Mail handy[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Australia
Languages English
Role Support
Involvements Global Moderator, Wiki Contributor, Community Support



Joshua Strot


E-Mail joshua[at]manjaro[dot]org
Languages English
Role Developer
Involvements Turbulence – graphical post-install tool



Carl Duff


Alias VerityProductions
E-Mail carl[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location United Kingdom
YOB 1979
Languages English
Role Documentation and Wiki Management, Scripting and Configuration
Involvements Wiki and Documentation, Openbox Edition

Allesandro Calo


E-Mail allesandro[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Germany
YOB 1980
Languages German, English
Role Forum and Community Management
Involvements Community, Forum



Ajay Chahar


Alias SpaceAviator
E-Mail ajay[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location United States
YOB 1990
Languages English, Hindi
Role Community, IRC Management
Involvements Community, IRC Support



Tillman Ebert


Alias till
E-Mail till[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Germany
YOB 1996
Languages German, English
Role Web Developer, Web Consultant, Designer
Involvements Design, Testing, Website



Justine Smithies


Alias justine
E-Mail justine[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location Scotland
YOB 1972
Languages English
Role Web Developer, Community and Server
Involvements Server, Support, Website



Dan S.


E-Mail dan[at]manjaro[dot]org
Location United States
Languages English
Role Maintainer
Involvements Manjaro Openbox Edition Maintainer