Students and teachers need software that helps them with learning or teaching about science, art and other subjects. All things also need to be organized, so strict schedules are not missed and the next exam is not forgotten. Manjaro brings everything that will make teachers and students happy.

Manjaro fits perfectly my computer science student's needs and fresh linux desires. Moreover, accomplishes all the tasks with superb stability and lightness, as my old machine deserves. Kudos to the whole team! - lennart

Manjaro’s repository of free and quality software is filled with programs for each subject. For mathematics, simple to advanced calculations can be done using scientific calculators like Qalculate! or SpeedCrunch that don’t just copy the experience of most hardware-calculators, but allow free editing of functions and terms.

For more complex mathematics, Cantor Teachers love Geogebra to show physics, trigonometry, vector operations and more for its easy-to-use graphical editing of mathematical relations, plotting of functions and setting constraints.

Physics including molecular dynamics, gravitation and coloumb forces and more can be taught using Step. The earth can be explored with Marble, while the sky and stars can be viewed with Stellarium.

Minuet) brings a software for music education that teaches students ear training, rhythm, harmony and more and provides features for teachers to create individual lessons.

Learning is also important for the youngest. Gcompris allows them to play and learn basics of a computer, elementary mathematics, geography, reading and many other things. Included are also games like puzzles, chess, memory and more that will make learning a pleasant and funny experience.

Organizing things is important, too. The Manjaro repository contains software like Thunderbird that provides an E-Mail client, a calendar and a news-reader.

To write homework or to create presentations, LibreOffice comes preinstalled.