Scientists need software that works reliably and efficiently, has many features and ideally is even modifiable if needed. Manjaro provides all the tools needed to get this software.

[...] I installed Manjaro in a partition the other day and for whatever reason, everything seems to be clicking and I'm really enjoying the light, agile feel without compromise of features or utility. - rb0321

Manjaro’s repositories contain the latest available versions of popular software like the statistic language R, the scripting language Python and more. Also LaTeX, additional packages for it and software like Lyx or TeXstudio are readily available and can be installed with just a few clicks. With LaTeX scientists can create high-quality documents and presentations with included math-formulas, chemical molecules, self-updating cross- and literature references and more without being restrained by a specific style or document type. Lyx encapsulates LaTeX in a friendly GUI for people who don’t have much experience with LaTeX.

Additional modules for R, Python, Perl and others are either available directly through Manjaro’s repositories or can be compiled and installed with programs like pip or the integrated package management of R.

No additional software is required, as all needed build tools are pre-installed. Experimental data can be analyzed with LabPlot.