Artists make the graphics we see, the music we hear, and document our lifestyles and places. Manjaro brings all tools for artists, whether being pre-installed or easily installable via a comfortable and secure package manager.

Manjaro provides the tools to handle difficult tasks like kernel, video driver upgrades, downgrades. [...] I soon realised I can do all my editing on linux with Darktable for raw files and some retouching or other editing with Gimp. - louis_2
Graphics editing, drawing
Icon Krita
Graphics editing, drawing
Icon Darktable
Icon Inkscape
Vector drawing
Icon Kdenlive
Video editing
Icon OpenShot
Video editing
Icon Lightworks
Video editing
Icon Blender
3D modelling
Icon Audacity
Sound recording & editing
Icon Ardour
Sound recording, mixing & editing
Sequencing, mixing & synthesizing

Manjaro comes preinstalled with GIMP, a very powerful image manipulation program. For drawing Krita will fulfill most of your needs, while Darktable brings a top-notch and free photography suite. Vector-graphics can be done with programs such as Inkscape.

For simple or advanced video-editing, Kdenlive and OpenShot will do almost anything you need. There are also professional video-editing tools like Lightworks.

3D-Modelling can be done using Blender. Codecs for video and audio come pre-installed or are automatically fetched. Most of this software is freely available and can be easily and securely installed using Manjaro’s integrated package manager.

Manjaro repositories also contain software useful for musicians such as the easy to use recording and editing software Audacity. For more professional users Ardour brings all the needed features. Sequencing, mixing and synthesizing can be done using LMMS. Manjaro maintains realtime versions of the Linux kernel that are designed for low latency and optimized for audio-engineering. With Musescore you have a professional tool for creating, playing and printing scores.