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This edition is supported by the Manjaro ARM team and comes with LXQT desktop

LXQT is a lightweight QT based desktop, which is the result of a merge between LXDE and Razor-QT.

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    64 bit version

    Download the 64 bit version if you use a modern computer and the the maximum performance and full benefits of your modern hardware.


    SHA1: 72790ee36c5c8c2c6b1578d349f1e4145a399191

You can also use Torrents to download Manjaro. Just download the *.torrent file and open it with a torrent program like qBittorrent

Be secure

We encourage you to check if the download was not modified by some malicious person or by an error while downloading. As a simple check, you can generate the SHA1-sum of the downloaded file and compare it with the one we provide you here. Here you can find information how to generate such a sum and check your downloaded files.

To even further enhance the security, verify the downloaded file with a GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) signature that will ensure that the file was not modified and was actually created by the Manjaro developers. Here you can find information how to use it.


Getting started

When you are ready, Follow first steps, you should also read the MANUAL.

First steps