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This edition comes with a TUI installer.

Manjaro-Architect is a fork of the famous Architect Linux installer by Carl Duff, that has been modified to install Manjaro. It is a netinstaller that downloads the latest available packages, so your system is up to date right after installation, regardless of how old your install media is.

Manjaro-Architect offers total customization on your Manjaro installation:

  • choose which Manjaro kernels you want to use, or multiple kernels.
  • choose any Manjaro branch (stable, testing or unstable)
  • choose your desktop from all current Manjaro editions, regardless of what install media you run the installer from. You can also install the base system only without graphical user interface.
  • add any unconfigured desktop environment
  • choose the default shell for user (bash, zsh or fish)
  • choose your graphics drivers to be installed with mhwd
  • choose extra packages to be installed

If you are looking for older images check the Architect archive.

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    64 bit version

    Download the 64 bit version if you use a modern computer and the the maximum performance and full benefits of your modern hardware.


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    SHA1: fa3740a6206ff45a46425cd73a8657125a7109e4

You can also use Torrents to download Manjaro. Just download the *.torrent file and open it with a torrent program like qBittorrent