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Manjaro Netbook 0.8.9 RC1 Spatry’s Review

Manjaro 0.8.9 brings new fearures to the table which will make this Arch based distribution even more user friendly! Today I will talk about their latest offering, Manjaro-Netbook edition featuring a customized XFCE desktop tailored for small screens!

Manjaro 0.8.9 will support LUKS, LVM, GPT and UEFI

So we don’t stop here. Manjaro 0.8.8 was a great step into the right direction. Now we already start the development for our next stable release, Manjaro 0.8.9, which should come out in early spring next year. With new developers and a larger team we are working hard to get Thus ready for our next […]

Spatry’s take on Manjaro 0.8.8

Spatry visits some of our Manjaro editions and shows how easy it is to use … Some notes: broadcom-wl issue should be solved by now and pamac supports AUR by installing pamac-aur.

How to get support for Manjaro

Manjaro community is very friendly and welcoming… Nobody will tell you to read any manuals. We have a wiki, a forum, irc channels and other ways to help you out. Watch this video to find out more.