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Manjaro 17.0.3 released (G, K, X)

Manjaro Gellivara was a great release! Now we are proud to announce v17.0.3, our final release of Gellivara. It took us a little over two months to finish this updated version. We improved our hardware detection, fixed some features in our installer (Calamares), added the latest packages available to our install media and polished our […]

[Stable Update] 2017-09-02 – Kernels, Calamares, Mesa, Firefox, Python

Hi community, again we had Firefox updated, worked on Mesa, renewed most of our Kernels, added some new Python packages, fixed our Toolchain and Calamares. Please report back and give us feedback for given changes made to our repositories. kind regards Philip Müller Manjaro Project Lead Current supported Kernels linux310 3.10.107 linux312 3.12.74 [EOL] linux316 […]

[Maintenance] 2017-09-02 – Phasing out i686 support

Hi community, Due to the decreasing popularity of i686 among the developers and the community, we have decided to phase out the support of this architecture. The decision means that v17.0.3 ISO will be the last that allows to install 32 bit Manjaro Linux. September and October will be our deprecation period, during which i686 […]

[Stable Update] 2017-08-25 – Thunderbird, Pamac, Calamares, Plasma 5

Hi community, with Thunderbird v52.3.0 lot of security issues got fixed. Guillaume released Pamac v5.1.0 and we updated KDE Plasma 5 to v5.10.5. Last but not least we updated Calamares to its latest point release. Please report back and give us feedback for given changes made to our repositories. kind regards Lisa McCoy Manjaro Release […]

[Stable Update] 2017-08-10 – Kernels, LibreOffice, Systemd, VirtualBox

Hi community, since Philip and Bernhard are currently working on a new side project I’ll help them out as release manager for a while. So for my first update-pack we have almost updated all our kernel series. Some might have urged for the new LibreOffice v5.4. Calc now includes support for pivot charts, which use […]