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Installing multiple kernels using mhwd

mhwd supports installing multiple kernels. Manjaro includes kernel 3.4-series as default, kernel 3.2-series as longterm-kernel and kernel 3.5-series as testing-kernel. USAGE: /usr/sbin/mhwd-kernel current-kernel new-kernel (uninstall current) yes/no I assume you have linux34 installed and you want to try out linux35. Maybe a newer kernel might improve your system. Install kernel 3.5-series with: sudo mhwd-kernel linux34 […]

mhwd – Manjaro Hardware Detection

One base component is our hardware detection. It is a C++ library and app and is designed after a dynamic structure. Any kind of hardware, no matter if usb or pci, can be configured by mhwd. There is just a simple configuration file which tells mhwd what to do. This way we also support hybrid […]