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Kdenlive Workshop with Sparty

Hi Manjaro Community, Today I will give an outline of this course as well as perform an installation. Addidionally, I will install additional plugins which will help you to get the most out of kdenlive. I will be covering most of the material located at as well as covering 3rd party tools such as […]

Change to your personal locales

Manjaro Linux is a small project based in Germany and France. That for we only support English, German and French out of the box. Some of you maybe need Spanish, Russian or other translations to have more fun with Manjaro. This example shows you how to add Russian support to Manjaro XFCE edition. Open a […]

Installing multiple kernels using mhwd

mhwd supports installing multiple kernels. Manjaro includes kernel 3.4-series as default, kernel 3.2-series as longterm-kernel and kernel 3.5-series as testing-kernel. USAGE: /usr/sbin/mhwd-kernel current-kernel new-kernel (uninstall current) yes/no I assume you have linux34 installed and you want to try out linux35. Maybe a newer kernel might improve your system. Install kernel 3.5-series with: sudo mhwd-kernel linux34 […]

Tired of burning cd’s or using dd to test Manjaro Linux?

Are you tired of burning cd’s or using dd?  Boot our iso image using grub2 without having to burn a cd. With grub2 it’s possible. You just have to add an entry in grub.cfg, then you will be able to boot from an iso directly from grub. As an example, here is the snippet I […]