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Manjaro 17.1.11

We are happy to announce fresh install media 17.1.11 for all our Official Releases, now available from our online storage partner OSDN: XFCE KDE GNOME While our XFCE and GNOME editions are mostly just rebuilds with the latest updated packages, including Libreoffice 6.0.5, Pamac 6.4.0 and Calamares 3.2.0, real news are to be reported for […]

Manjaro v17.1-rc2 released (G,K,X)

Manjaro Gellivara was a great release! Now we are proud to announce v17.1-rc2, our hopefully last Release-Candidate for our new Release-Series Hakoila. It took us a little to fix all issues we found so far in our development cycle of Hakoila. This new Release-Series offers a newer kernel, latest improvements to Calamares and our Architect […]

Manjaro-Architect ISO 17.0.2

With the Manjaro-Architect ISO we now offer an additional alternative install media, featuring the console-based net-installer Manjaro-Architect v0.8.13. Originally a private experiment of team member @Chrysostomus, this project started out as a fork of the Archlinux installer Architect, with the focus on some rather advanced and exotic cases of installation that would not be met […]