Author: Roland

Manjaro Sources back online

We got many requests to get our source code back online. We worked hard to get our customized GitLAB running. Now it is done! You will find there all our artwork, PKGBUILDs, source code of our Manjaro tools and much more. All community projects are backuped, so don’t worry about those. We will re-introduce them […]

Stable Repositories got updated

Once again we updated our stable repositories. Key-Updates: Kernel 3.9.6 Kernel Kernel 3.4.49 Pamac 0.7.5 Changes in Detail: stable community i686:  68 new and 63 removed package(s) stable community x86_64:  68 new and 63 removed package(s) stable core i686:  14 new and 14 removed package(s) stable core x86_64:  14 new and 14 removed package(s) […]

Cinnamon won’t be dropped

Thanks to some Arch developers who helped out to make Cinnamon compatible with Gnome 3.8, we are happy to announce, that Cinnamon won’t be dropped from our repositories. We will provide new Cinnamon LiveCDs and there might be also a Gnome release! Stay tuned for further news 🙂

[News] Faster Stable Updates

With our new BoxIt repository management system it is much easier to handle snapshots and synchronizations. We’ll therefore update the testing and stable repositories immediately on any changes. Stable will be delayed if there are some bigger changes which have to be tested first in testing. You can expect a delay between stable and the […]

Stable Repositories got updated

Today’s merge of Manjaro-Stable from our Manjaro-Testing repositories will bring these changes: All used gtk-themes might not work properly with gtk 3.8. We recommend to use our current default theme, which is called adwaita-manjaro-themes or greenbird.   We now have the following kernels available: linux38: 3.8.10 (stable kernel) linux34: 3.4.42 (LTS kernel) linux39: 3.9.0 (unstable […]

Switching between Branches

Our repository is structured in branches now: If you want to change to another branch, then edit “/etc/pacman-mirrors.conf” and change the Branch value to your desired branch: ## ## /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf ## ## Branch Pacman should use (stable, testing, unstable) Branch=testing …   It is not recommended to use the unstable repository. New packages in unstable […]

Update News

Our repository structure has changed with the release of BoxIt 2.0. Our repositories are now: Our repositories are now bundled in branches: Therefore the directory structure changes and this might require manual interaction to update successfully, depending on which pacman version you have installed. Please use following commands to update your system:   sudo pacman […]

Manjaro Linux Settings Manager – Language Support

Shipping all those language packages bloats our LiveCDs enormous.  Here is a solution 🙂 A first draft of Manjaro Settings Manager is now available. I concentrated on the language support page. The user gets informed with a system-tray notification if additional language package are available. These can be easily installed with the settings manager and […]

XFCE Edition – New Look

I am not really happy with the current default style in the XFCE Manjaro Edition. Just a few weeks ago I searched for some new themes on all of those * pages. But all good themes are mainly based on blue colours. Finally I was motivated to fiddle around with the GTK themes again. I […]

New Webpage

After a long night session our new webpage look is online! Thanks to all of your donations which made this possible. A new theme has been bought and adjusted to our needs 🙂 Hope you like it!