More Community and Minimal Editions 17.1.8

Over the last few days the Manjaro team has been busy adding more updated editions to the 17.1.8 collection.
Most exiting novelties are a brand new Manjaro-Openbox spin using an exciting panel integration of polybar.

Also we have an added truly minimalistic KDE-minimal ISO – ideal, if you want to start off from an absolute basic Plasma Desktop with a download size of just 920MB
Additionally we have to offer 17.1.8 rebuilds of the Budgie, Mate and LXDE editions.

If you like builds with just the very basic software pre-installed, you now also have the additional choice of minimal-ISOs for Cinnamon, Deepin and i3.

All Community Edtion aswell as our Official Downloads can be found at the OpenSourceDownloadNetwork:

enjoy the variety of Manjaro!
kind regards
Bernhard Landauer and the Manjaro Community

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