Manjaro 17.1.8

We are happy to announce fresh install media 17.1.8 for all our Official Releases aswell as some of the Community Editions, now available from our new online storage partner OSDN:

Official Releases:
Community Editions:

While our XFCE and KDE editions are mostly just rebuilds with the latest updated packages, including Libreoffice 6.0.3, Pamac 6.2.7 and Calamares 3.1.13, real news are to be reported for Manjaro-Gnome, which is now running brand new GNOME 3.28, including automatic download and installation of virtual Operating Systems with Boxes and some fancy improvements for the Calendar, Contacts and Files applications.

Manjaro-Deepin 17.1.8 inlcudes some important upstream fixes for recent cpu load and graphical issues.

Also already available are rebuilds of Manjaro-Cinnamon and Manjaro-i3.

We hope you enjoy your favourite Manjaro edition and as always thank you for your feedback, suggestions and valuable contributions in the Manjaro Forum.

kind regards
Philip Müller, Bernhard Landauer

and the awesome Manjaro Community