Manjaro – Enjoy the Variety!

Did you know that you can download current Manjaro 17.1.7 in at least 12 different preconfigurations!?

Next to the official editions

    * XFCE,
    * KDE and
    * GNOME

the Manjaro Community currently maintains additional ISOs with

    * Awesome,
    * Bspwm,
    * Budgie,
    * Cinnamon,
    * Deepin,
    * I3,
    * Lxde and
    * Mate

Alternatively you can use the Manjaro-Architect ISO to make your installation exactly the way you want it.

The whole variety of install media is now available from our new download partner OSDN:

Visit the Manjaro Forum for detailed information and support for all individual editions and share your feedback and your suggestions!

kind regards
Bernhard Landauer