more community editions: bspwm, budgie, mate 17.1.4

Our Community maintainers have now also updated the Bspwm, Budgie and Mate editions on fresh 17.1.4 install media.


Manjaro-Bspwm 17.1.4

• multipurpose Rofi launcher, combining window switcher, applications launcher, run dialog and web search into one
Breath gtk3 theme
• proper chromium theming (manjaro-browser-settings-native)
• included (but disabled) lxpolkit
• disabled compositing
window handling for libreoffice and plank
• awesome new wallpapers by @muser
• icons and image previews in ranger
mate-notification-daemon for clickable update-notifications
• improved Grub theme (also on installed system)

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Manjaro-Budgie 17.1.4

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Manjaro-Mate 17.1.4

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Enjoy the variety of Manjaro’s flavours!

Bernhard Landauer
Manjaro Community


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