Community Editions 17.1.4 [Cinnamon, Deepin, i3]

We are happy to announce our new snapshot release 17.1.4.
New install media are available of course for the official flavours XFCE, KDE and GNOME but as usual, will also be made available for a number of Community Editions.

Currently already available are Cinnamon, Deepin and i3:


Manjaro-Cinnamon 17.1.4

• new design with adapta-maia-themes and a bunch of beautiful new wallpapers by @muser
• fixed default folder listing in background settings dialog
• switched to gnome-terminal-fedora adding transparency feature
• adjusted position of removable devices panel applet
Calamares using light theme to avoid unreadable warning messages
• enabled avahi and add-autologin-group service by default


Manjaro-Deepin 17.1.4

• new default wallpaper by @muser
• added new native app deepin-draw
• added redshift, adding ‘Night Shift’ switch in control-center display settings
• removed some unneeded and out-of-place features of deepin-session-ui and deepin-control-center in custom overly packages.


Manjaro-I3 17.1.4
• switched to slick-greeter
• some little adjustments of ranger and dunst config
• apart from that, this is merely an update and rebuild

Enjoy the variety of Manjaro’s flavours!

Bernhard Landauer
Manjaro Community