[Stable Update] 2017-09-23 – Kernels, Mesa, PulseAudio, GST, Python, Haskell

system_software_updateHi community,

what a week we had. With this update we have removed most of our EOL tagged kernels. Please adopt to newer series of each, when still be used. PulseAudio and Gstreamer got renewed. Also most of our kernels got newer point-releases. Series v4.12 is now marked as EOL.

Guillaume worked on Pamac to solve reported issues within our v6 series. The user experience should be much better now. Latest NetworkManager, Python and Haskell updates complete this update-pack.

Please report back and give us feedback for given changes made to our repositories.

kind regards

Philip Müller
Manjaro Project Lead

Current supported Kernels

  • linux316 3.16.48
  • linux318 3.18.71 [EOL]
  • linux41 4.1.43
  • linux44 4.4.88
  • linux49 4.9.51
  • linux412 4.12.14 [EOL]
  • linux413 4.13.3
  • linux414 4.14-rc1 (x86_64)
  • linux-RT-LTS 4.9.40_rt30 (x86_64)
  • linux-RT 4.11.12_rt12 (x86_64)

Package Updates (Thu Sep 21 16:07:01 CEST 2017)

  • community i686: 812 new and 780 removed package(s)
  • community x86_64: 831 new and 796 removed package(s)
  • core i686: 21 new and 27 removed package(s)
  • core x86_64: 23 new and 29 removed package(s)
  • extra i686: 173 new and 223 removed package(s)
  • extra x86_64: 185 new and 234 removed package(s)
  • multilib x86_64: 19 new and 14 removed package(s)