Manjaro-Cinnamon 17.0.4 released

We are happy to announce that updated installation ISOs 17.0.4  of our popular Community Edition Manjaro-Cinnamon are now availble for Download.

Manjaro-Cinnamon 17.0.4

With this snapshot release we offer Cinnamon Desktop 3.4.6 together with the complete X-apps stack with latest versions of pix, xed, xplayer, xreader and xviewer.
We have also included Cinnamon-sounds and Lightdm-slick-greeter for a full native Cinnamon desktop experience and implemented bulk-renaming functionality for filemanager nemo with gprename.

As usual, a variety of common applications for everyday usage is pre-installed:

  • Firefox 55.0.3
  • Thunderbird 52.3.0
  • Libreoffice 5.4.1
  • Gimp 2.8.22
  • Transmission-gtk 2.92
  • Gnome-system-monitor
  • Pamac package manager version 5.1.1
  • Manjaro-printer

For installation you have Calamares 3.1.4 aswell as terminal based Manjaro-architect 0.9.2 available.

We hope you enjoy this edition and welcome your feedback in our forums.
Bernhard Landauer and the Manjarolinux Community


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