Monthly Archive: July 2017

[Stable Update] 2017-07-27 – Kernels, VirtualBox, Deepin, Mesa

Hi community, we have updated most of our kernels, added the latest mesa and virtualbox release, worked on deepin and xfce-gtk3. As usual we ship all upstream packages provided by Arch Linux. Please report back and give us feedback for given changes made to our repositories. kind regards Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team […]

Manjaro-Deepin Community Edition 17.0.2

The Manjaro Community is proud to announce the release of Manjaro-Deepin 17.0.2, featuring the brand-new Deepin Desktop 15.4.1. Deepin developers have tweaked their environment quite a lot lately and you will find many new features and effects. Also a lot of development went into their native applications. From Manjaro side we offer the latest installer […]

Manjaro-Mate and Lxqt Community Editions 17.0.2

More Community Editions 17.0.2 have been released. Enjoy Manjaro-Mate: details | download and the special Lxqt-edition, which offers a variety of package install options by using the Calamares’ netinstall feature: details | download kind regards, Bernhard Landauer and the Manjaro Development Team Links Manjaro Community Editions Torrent Download Support us with your donation

[Stable Update] 2017-07-04 – Kernels, Firefox, Mesa, Xfce4-Gtk3

Hi community, as usual, we updated Firefox now also for our KDE edition, pushed out a lot of kernel updates, including our realtime-kernels, which got now moved on to newer basekernels, worked on Mesa and published the regular upstream updates. Bernhard worked on XFCE-GTK3 and Vertex-Maia theme. Additionally we have some Haskell and Python updates. […]