Manjaro-Architect ISO 17.0.2

With the Manjaro-Architect ISO we now offer an additional alternative install media, featuring the console-based net-installer Manjaro-Architect v0.8.13.

Originally a private experiment of team member @Chrysostomus, this project started out as a fork of the Archlinux installer Architect, with the focus on some rather advanced and exotic cases of installation that would not be met by our regular ISOs.
But soon the endevour found a lot of attention in the Manjaro community and with joined efforts and intense development for more than six months the new terminal-installer has grown to a powerful tool for advanced and intermediate users, gaining more and more popularity.

What is this?

The Manjaro-Architect ISO is a small download of less than 500MB and comes without a graphical environment but uses a Terminal User Interface to download and install all the necessary and desired packages to the target in their latest available versions, which seems ideal for a rolling release distribution.

Also this kind of installation offers practically unlimited flexibility: It can either reproduce any of Manjaro’s available official or Community supported editions, or the installer can be used to setup a custom system, individually configured by choosing any Desktop Environment or Window Manager. The preferred kernels and drivers can be selected manually or alternatively Manjaro Hardware Detection is availble for automatic driver installation.
Manjaro-Architect supports init systems systemd or openrc, disk encryption and a variety of filesystems, including LVM and btrfs.

A tutorial for installation with Manjaro-Architect can be found on our Forum

kind regards, Bernhard Landauer and the Manjaro Development Team