Install Manjaro as you want with Architect

Hi community,

it took us a while to pull this off. Again we can present an advanced CLI installer for Manjaro Linux.

Manjaro-Architect is a CLI net-installer, which means it does not need or provide a (real) graphical interface and all packages for the target system will be downloaded from the internet during installation rather than extracted from a compressed ISO image.

Compared to traditional unpack-installation with a graphical installer like Calamares this has some apparent advantages:

  • The install media can be very small. In this case the download is about 500MB.
  • The packages installed on the resulting target will be the latest available on the chosen branch.
  • The same install media can be used to install any desktop environment and will basically never be outdated. Even the installer itself will be updated and used in its latest version when you launch the ISO.
  • Options for customization are basically unlimited. You are free to choose your kernel(s), drivers, init system, desktop environment (or none) and any other packages and you will have many more and very detailed ways of configuring the target install to your liking.
  • At the same time, if you prefer, you can use mhwd‘s automatic driver installation and access the pre-configured profiles of Manjaro’s supported editions to install an environment of identical configuration with what you would get by unsquashing one of our ISOs.

We hope you enjoy this release and let us know what you think of Manjaro Architect.

kind regards,
the Manjaro Development Team