Manjaro Cinnamon Community Edition 17.0 released

The Cinnamon Desktop Environment is known to be quickly familiar for users new to Linux. Intuitive and easy to configure, yet with some eye-candy and everything you can expect from a modern desktop.

The Manjaro Cinnamon Community Edition features

  • the complete native X-apps stack, including image viewers/browsers pix and xviewer, text editor xed, media-player xplayer and document viewer xreader.
  • native cinnamon-sounds
  • nemo filebrowser
  • mozilla firefox and thunderbird
  • hexchat and transmission-gtk
  • office suite libreoffice-fresh
  • gimp
  • popular music manager pragha
  • gnome-disk-utility and baobab disk analyser
  • package manager pamac, isousb and dconf-editor
  • base-devel group and yaourt for AUR access
  • of course the Manjaro goodies: Manjaro-Hardware-Detection, Manjaro-Settings-Manager and our new multilingual welcome screen Manjaro-Hello.

We hope you enjoy this edition and welcome your feedback on the Manjaro Forums

kind regards, Bernhard Landauer and the awesome Manjaro Community


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