Manjaro i3 Community Edition 17.0 released

i3 is a slim and fast tiling window manager and – after a little learning curve for the new user extremely efficient and versatile.

The popular Manjaro i3 Community Edition has matured over quite a while now and proven to be very reliably and stable. Over time several useful additions by the community have made this edition very complete and accessible also to inexperienced users while at the same time highly configurable and with just a little more than the essentials added for the experienced i3 fan.
Without denying the original i3 environment, some Manjaro customization and added user-friendliness make this edition quite special.

Manjaro goodies like Manjaro-Hardware-Detection, Manjaro-Settings-Manager and our new multilingual welcome screen Manjaro-Hello have been seemlessly integrated and adjusted to work also in this environment and a bunch of nice little scripts and preconfigured dotfiles will make your start and your life with a tiler almost as easy as with a conventional Desktop Environment.

The Manjaro i3 17.0 edition includes

  • i3-gaps 4.13
  • customized, preconfigured i3status-manjaro 2.11
  • dmenu-manjaro 4.16-12 patched with recency-awareness and mouse-support
  • additional categorized menu morc_menu
  • alsa pre-installed with install_pulse script for easy upgrade to pulseaudio
  • lightdm
  • pamac package manager
  • lxappearance and nitrogen for customization
  • lxinput for mouse and keyboard configuration
  • bmenu, ranger, moc and a variety of more CLI-utilities
  • compton, dunst, i3-scrot, i3-exit and conky
  • pcmanfm file-browser
  • palemoon internet browser
  • gimp, viewnior, epdfview, manjaro-printer
  • vlc, xfburn
  • hexchat, transmission-gtk
  • manjaro-chroot, gparted, isousb
  • base-devel group and yaourt for AUR access are pre-installed

    kind regards, Bernhard Landauer and the awesome Manjaro Community


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