Manjaro GNOME 17.0 released

GNOME being a powerful, userfriendly, easy to use, customizable and fully accesible GTK3+ desktop environment, the Manjaro team has decided to offer the GNOME edition as a third official flavour with the 17.0 release.

The Manjaro Gnome edition stays close to vanilla GNOME while of course being customized and configured for out-of-the-box usability with all the proven features of a Manjaro edition like Manjaro-Hardware-Detection, Manjaro-Settings-Manager, Pamac package management and the new Manjaro-Hello welcome screen.
Linux 4.9 being the default kernel, the whole variety of Manjaro kernels from the mature and rock-solid 3.10 series to the latest 4.10 release and two realtime kernel series is available for easy installation with the Settings Manager.

The Gnome edition comes with these extension pre-installed

  • classic menu Gnomenu
  • Openweather
  • TaskBar, preview and icon of active applications
  • native GNOME dock DashtoDock
  • User Themes for easy customization and
  • Removable drive menu

More extensions can easily be installed via using Firefox or also with chrome-gnome-shell from the Manjaro repos for Chrome(ium) browsers.

For everyday usage out-of-the-box you will find pre-installed:

  • Firefox browser
  • Evolution PIM and e-mail client
  • Uget download manager
  • Transmission for torrent download
  • Imagewriter ISO to USB
  • Lollypop and Totem multimedia players
  • Office Suite Libreoffice Fresh
  • Java and Flash
  • and more …

We hope you enjoy this release and let us know what you think of Gellivara.

kind regards, Stefano Capitani and the Manjaro Development Team


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