Manjaro XFCE 17.0-rc2 released

Manjaro Fringilla was a great release! Now we are proud to announce our second release candidate of our next release, we call “Gellivara”. It took us more than two months to prepare this new release series for 2017.

During the development cycle of Gellivara we optimized and changed few things:

  • In the past we have used numbered versions. Currently we are using versions based on the release target month which, on a rolling release, might point to a monthly based versioning of our install media. However, they only reflect the status of our tools and installer. Also this creates the impression of some of our community releases being newer than the core releases, when in fact they are using the same base and were simply published on a later date. Therefore we are back using numbered versions, however slightly different than in the past.
  • Depending on the development we might release three major sets of install medias with new features. If we find some issues in the original install media, we may update them for fixing bugs, which will then be a point release of the same series. Also we will discuss if we change the code name of the releases this year, or keep one for the whole year.

So what will be the features of the new release series:

  • We updated the stock kernel to linux49 4.9 LTS
  • We updated the Xorg-Stack to v1.19 series
  • We enhanced and improved our Manjaro Tools & Profiles
  • MHWD we adopted to handle a more efficient way to handle libglx binaries
  • Some of our themes got updated and new got designed

Please test this release and give us your feedback.

kind regards, Philip Müller and the Manjaro Development Team