Manjaro 0.8.10 KDE Release Candidate available

manjarokdeHi community! We are proud to announce our release candidate for our KDE Edition. This time we have either a larger install media with all supported language packages out of the box or a minimal install media just supporting English. All other language packages can be installed thru our Manjaro Settings tool easily later on. This time we ship KDE 4.13.1 and all the latest KDE applications you know. The minimal edition has Linux 3.14.4 as kernel. The full version goes with Linux 3.12.20 instead.

Joshua modified our welcome screen. A complete rework finalised our new look, we wanted to have for this new release. This screen will help you to get with Manjaro started. We offer links to our project pages, the forum, the wiki and even to our git-repositories. Read the release note and about all new features we added to this install media for you.

We also worked on Thus, our graphical installer. Full disk encryption is fixed when you use another keyboard layout than English, we added a 1 MB offset for grub, an install issue in Turkish locales got fixed, we use now consistently MiB instead of mixing MiB and MB, cairo coloring for check page got removed to fix dark themes in our Openbox Edition and other small fixes got added to this release of thus.

manjaro-0810-plymouthLast but not least we give plymouth another shot. Culinax created a lean elegant theme to match with our new look, we have created for this release. We hope more plymouth themes will get created by our community.

This install media is based on our stable branch, so everybody can use this install media to give Manjaro a shot. If you have time, please download this install media and test it on your hardware, virtual machines to find issues we still might have missed. You can give also our minimal edition a spin. Talk about this release in our forum.

kind regards