Monthly Archive: May 2014

Manjaro 0.8.10 OB Release Candidate available

Hello guys, Manjaro OpenBox 0.8.10-RC1 is ready for testing, and showing a few noticeable changes. The biggest thing changed in this edition is we’ve dropped using Slim in the edition, and now use LXDM. This was done for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it has better support with Plymouth and is more actively […]

Manjaro 0.8.10 KDE Release Candidate available

Hi community! We are proud to announce our release candidate for our KDE Edition. This time we have either a larger install media with all supported language packages out of the box or a minimal install media just supporting English. All other language packages can be installed thru our Manjaro Settings tool easily later on. […]

Manjaro 0.8.10 XFCE Release Candidate available

Hi community! I’m back from India. This weekend we already released our seventh update-pack for Manjaro 0.8.9. Today we ship also our release candidates of our official install medias. We start with our XFCE Edition. Rudy updated our default theme Menda once more. Gnome3 icons and checkboxes got optimized. Thus got new slides thanks to […]

Update-Pack 7 is online now!

Our last stable update was a little bumpy. We hope we get this one better. New would be the addition of KDE5s first beta. You can install it side by side to KDE4 or as a single desktop. Please use: pacman -S kf5 kf5-aids To enjoy Plasma-Next packages you have to add Archs kde-unstable repository […]

Update-Pack 6 online now!

Hi there! Greetings from Hyderabad – India. As I’m staying currently out of country, it took us longer to prepare and finalize this update-pack for you guys. The biggest change will be Gnome 3.12 itself. You will see it, for sure. That was one of the issues we had with this update. We need to […]

Manjaro 0.8.10 XFCE public preview available

Hi community! We are working on our next stable release of Manjaro. Again we are pushing ourselfs to the limit. One of the biggest challenges is to integrate GTK 3.12 into all our Manjaro Editions in a proper way. So we needed new themes. Thx to Rudy and the artwork team we created Menda. It […]