Netrunner based on Manjaro

We have decided to surprise with a new announcement:

BlueSystems decided in January to create a Rolling Release model for Netrunner. So they approached us to help them out.


Starting with the 32bit snapshot 2014.04 based on the excellent Manjaro/(Arch), this is their first version using our packages in combination with their own repository to provide a great KDE experience.

Note that this will not replacing their Standard/Main Edition of Netrunner, which will continue to be released as our Main version in sync with Kubuntu.

Netrunner Arch fits a different glove, that is of the more experienced user, who rather wants more bleeding edge software with the benefit of not having to switch bases between releases.


It is meant for anyone not afraid of manual adjustments should they be needed. Also, being based on the arch package base, it features different tools compared to Netrunner Main, for example Octopi instead of Muon, a different installer, etc.

And to be really bleeding edge, it features SDDM as Login Manager, and other rather new than conservative stuff, that runs well on a vast array of machines, yet could require a little more attention on some.

Without further ado, head straight to the download section and try it out.
And let us and the Netrunner Team know what you think in the Netrunner Arch forum section!

The Manjaro & Netrunner Teams