Monthly Archive: March 2014

Server Maintenance

Roland will take down all our services on the 25/26 March 2014. Our new homepage layout is now finished. Also we will maintain a bugtracker from now on. All developers should backup their work in git. I’ll do the same. You’ll find all sources also on our github clone. The downtime might go for a […]

Manjaro Fluxbox Edition 0.8.9-1 released!

The hispanic Community is pleased to announce the latest release of Manjaro Fluxbox Edition 0.8.9-1 in both 32 and 64 bit. Latest improvements include adding Thus, the graphical installer, and full Manjaro Printer support using applications to simplyfiy installing printers and drivers from the menu. Improved settings in Compton will remove occasional issues of backgrounds […]

Manjaro Enlightenment Edition RC1 is available

We’re happy to announce this first release candidate of the rebooted Manjaro Enlightenment Edition. Our community Enlightenment edition has been without a full time maintainer for a while and this showed in our 0.8.9 release. This new release has been given some needed attention and is in better shape. Please test it and report any […]

First Update-Pack for Manjaro 0.8.9 available!

We are happy to announce our first update-pack for Manjaro 0.8.9. It includes updated kernels (3.4.82, 3.10.32,, 3.12.13, 3.13.5), new VirtualBox, vim-spell packages and lot more upstream updates. We also recommend to read our testing thread about this update to avoid issues you might still have and we missed … Current supported kernels: Linux34 […]

Manjaro 0.8.9 Community Editions Released!

Our official releases went very well, but we aren’t stopping there. We’ve now finished all of our community editions, which include Fluxbox, MATE, Cinnamon, Gnome, Enlightenment, LXDE, and the Netbook! Community Editions are released as bonus flavours in addition to those officially supported and maintained by the Manjaro Team. Provided that the time and resources […]