Turbulence – a new kind of extra for Manjaro !

Hello everyone!

I’m Joshua, the developer of Turbulence – a new kind of extra for Manjaro ! With the philosophy “Enjoy the simplicity” I created a new tool to post-configure your Manjaro installation called Turbulence. A lot of new changes got made recently, including the merge of Turbulence-Evolution and Turbulence with a nice feature to auto detect what processes you have running and serve you appropriate slides to configure them.

This is a big step in the right direction, and leaves the opportunity for me to add more features.

Here’s a full list of features:

  • Provides information about Manjaro
  • Process detection method to provide different configuration methods for what process you currently have running
  • Allows users to select what home folders they would like to use now in multiple languages
  • Allows users to select what theme they would like for KWin (KDE)
  • Allows users to select what position they want for Tint 2 (OpenBox)
  • Allows users to select what wallpapers they want (KDE/OpenBox)
  • Allows users to select what packages they want or don’t want (OpenBox)
  • Allows users to access their system settings panel or open manjaro.org in their browser

And here’s a list of my new roadmap:

  • Code clean up
  • Make all buttons non blocking
  • Add more features to configure the Tint 2 panel
  • Port the packages page over to the KDE edition
  • Add more features to configure Kwin or plasma for KDE
  • Start working on making the code more compatible with XFCE

Some screenshots, so you get a feeling for it:









Since it is a new application for Manjaro Linux, I need your help translating it. So get active and use your power to get it native to your language. I recommend to use Qlinguist to translate the strings of Turbulence to your mother tongue.

Also I’m happy for any feedback from you.

kind regards

Joshua Strot

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