Manjaro 0.8.9 will support LUKS, LVM, GPT and UEFI

manjaro-xfce-0.8.7So we don’t stop here. Manjaro 0.8.8 was a great step into the right direction. Now we already start the development for our next stable release, Manjaro 0.8.9, which should come out in early spring next year.

With new developers and a larger team we are working hard to get Thus ready for our next stable release. Currently we are working on the partitioner and the support for LUKS, LVM, GPT and UEFI.

This build is based on our unstable branch, so everybody who wants to test should use this install media and report back any issues.

Changes in Thus

  • code cleanup and restructure
  • added home dir to automatic mode
  • fixed resizing in language slide
  • fixed parted issues in advanced mode
  • added a logging message when an unknown exception is thrown in installation_process
  • added encfs for home-dir encryption: pam_encfs is needed
  • fixed GUID partition table creation in advanced
  • fixed UEFI support
  • luks and lvm in automatic mode is now enabled
  • removed backported chroot code from live-installer (old python2 code)
  • modified grub installation
  • some strings got updated

Package Updates

  • Linux 3.10.24
  • Mesa 10.0.1
  • Gstreamer 1.2.0
  • LibreOffice 4.1.3
  • MHWD 0.3.0
  • Catalyst 13.11
  • Nvidia 331.20

Test this install media and try to beak it. For suggestions we are always open. Give us your feedback so Manjaro 0.8.9 will be even better than every release we did before!