Manjaro Openbox Has Become ManjaroBox!

Our Openbox flavour has changed.

With a new minimalist emphasis, ManjaroBox has become our fastest, lightest, and most efficient release ever!

An overview of the key facts about ManjaroBox has been provided below, along with the changes made since the release of the previous Manjaro Openbox flavour:

  • File Size: Both 32 and 64-bit ISO files are now approximately 600MB and 640 MB
  • Memory: 32-bit uses only 100 MB; 64-bit 178 MB
  • Sound: Pure ALSA with PNMixer and Gnome-AlsaMixer
  • Kernel: 3.10 Long Term Support (LTS)
  • Installation: Our new – easier than ever – graphical installer is provided, along with the command-line (CLI) installation option
  • Desktop: New minimalist ManjaroBox theme with a revamped Conky display and Tint2 panel. XAutoLock (not enabled by default) and XLockMore have replaced XScreenSaver
  • Menu: The desktop menu has been improved, including with new one-click options to enable full multimedia support, AUR access, printing capabilties, repository switching, the Octopi graphical software manager, and the Manjaro Settings Manager. It also provides a one-click option to automatically detect graphics cards and install their drivers, too!
  • File Manager: SpaceFM has replaced Thunar (daemon mode not enabled by default)
  • Display Manager: SLiM remains, with a new ManjaroBox theme
  • Autostart: Parcellite (clipboard), NetworkManager-Applet, PNMixer, Nitrogen (desktop background), Conky, and Tint2.
  • Pre-installed Apps: Only essential apps, utilities, and tools have been pre-installed. Start with a clean slate to choose exactly what you want!

Install ManjaroBox to squeeze the maximum possible speed and power out of your system, or even as a convenient alternative to the Net Edition to build upon. Minimalist, fast and efficient, This is what Openbox is meant to be. A release candidate is out now, link provided below.

Note: The ability to automatically detect and install the most appropriate graphics cards during the installation process has been restored for the 32-bit version. For the 64-bit version we had to remove Catalyst support. You can use the free driver mode to install Manjaro on your harddisk. Then it is possible ot use the Manjaro Hardware Detection (MHWD) utility, either via the terminal or in one click using the desktop menu.

Special Thanks:

  • Ugo Yak – Artwork
  • Korrode – Coding assistance
  • Mr. Green (ArchBang Developer) – Support and advice
  • Phil M – Industriousness and saintly patience

Download Link for ManjaroBox and XFCE 0.8.8 Second Release Candidates (RC2)
0.8.8 Release Candidate 2 Sourceforge Folder

Support Links
Manjaro Support Forum
Manjaro Wiki
Create USB Install-Media

As this is a release candidate – a precursor to the official release – critical and constructive feedback is welcome!

Best Wishes

Carl Duff
Manjaro Openbox Developer