Manjaro 0.8.7 Third Release Candidate

manjaro-xfce-0.8.7The Manjaro Developers Team is happy to announce our third release candidate of Manjaro Linux 0.8.7, we will release by the end of this Month. During the summer break the release of 0.8.7 got delayed. We want to release a stable product, as we did with our last release. So please test as much as possible and give us feedback.

To make the installation as easy as possible we ship with this release the graphical installer we had ported from Linux Mint. Thanks to our community it got translated in several additional languages.

Who still wants to use a more advanced installer can use the Manjaro CLI-Installer, which is still available thru the console:

sudo setup

Live Media features:

  • Kernel: 3.4.58 LTS
  • Xorg: 1.14.2
  • Webbrowser: Firefox 22.0.1
  • Email Client: Thunderbird 17.0.8 (XFCE only)
  • Media Player: VLC 2.0.8a
  • Whisker Menu 1.1.0 (XFCE only)
  • Mint Display Manager 1.3.1 (XFCE only)
  • Slim Display Manager 1.3.5 (Openbox only)
  • Manjaro Settings Manager 0.1.2
  • Live-Installer 0.8.7
  • Minimalistic XFCE 4.10 Desktop (XFCE only)
  • Minimalistic Openbox 3.5.0 Desktop (Openbox only)
  • PA-mixer replaced pn-mixer and volumeicon
  • Better pulseaudio support
  • Latest free and proprietary drivers

A build based on the kernel 3.10.7 can be downloaded here. Please also vote.

Download 32 and 64-bit Manjaro 0.8.7 Third Release Candidate (Net, Openbox, XFCE)
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