Stable repositories got updated

Today’s merge of Manjaro-Stable from our Manjaro-Testing repositories will bring these changes:

  • 13 new packages updated in basis, including kernel updates (i686/x86_64)
  • pamac and octopi updates (i686/x86_64)
  • 8 updates in platform (i686/x86_64)
  • 20 new packages updated in extra (i686/x86_64).
  • 25 new packages updated in community, including lightdm and virtualbox updates (i686/x86_64)

Everybody still using the catalyst-legacy driver should use mhwd to install supported opensource-drivers before updating. Use the commands written below. Nvidia users should double-check which proprietary driver supports their graphic cards now. All used gtk-themes might not work properly with gtk 3.6. We recommend to use our current default theme, which is called adwaita-manjaro-themes. Here is a list of other supported themes for gtk 3.6.  

We now have the following kernels available:

  • linux34: 3.4.36
  • linux35:
  • linux37: 3.7.10 (stable kernel)
  • linux38: 3.8.3

Please use mhwd-kernel to install those kernels. For linux35-series it would be:

sudo mhwd-kernel linux35

Common issues with this update are explained in our forums:

Problem updating due libgl renamings
Update 2013-03-02 – Introducing qt4/5
Update 2013-03-05 – Pacman rebuild against libarchive

It is recommended to use rankmirrors to get a working mirror for this update. Our default mirror changed to since isn’t available anymore.

It is not recommend to USE PACKER OR YAOURT for this update !!! Please use pacman in a terminal. Pamac should work with this update.