New Openbox-Lite flavour has been released!

Only the hardcore need apply to this latest Manjaro flavour, which provides a minimalist yet highly configurable Openbox base for more experienced users and Openbox enthusiasts to build upon.

The fastest, lightest, and most versatile flavour available, this is a completely different beast than the Openbox-Synapse release.

Equally suitable for both older, less powerful computers as well as modern, high-specification systems, this powerhouse ensures that maxium resources are available to run tasks and applications at all times. Nothing is wasted.

Users are effectively given a fresh system with the complete freedom to chose exactly the applications and features they want to install. As such, no codecs, Java, AUR access, multimedia applications, or even web-browsers have been pre-installed. However, a few special features have still been provided:

  • Slick desktop with custom conky display.
  • SLiM with new Manjaro themes/backgrounds as the Login Manager. The SLiM configuration and X-Windows initialisation files have also already been pre-configured so that once installed, most popular desktop environments can be accessed immediately
  • Customised desktop menu based on obemenu-generator. This includes a special “Advanced Settings” category to enable instant access to key configuration files via Geany, as well as the option to automatically find and set the fastest available mirrors (once installed)
  • Keybindings for DMenu, screen brightness, and speaker volume
  • Suite of powerful and lightweight apps, including UFW, Open-SSH, Geany, HTop, DMenu, Parcellite, and NumLockX. The Thunar file manager also has all the same features as provided by the Openbox-Synapse flavour.
  • KeyboardCTL adopted to easily change keymaps on the fly
  • Gnome-alsamixer for volume control
  • Special Quick-Guide for newcomers to help build their own fully featured systems

A very special thanks goes to Mr. Green and Pablokal from the Archbang distribution for their advice, support, technical expertise, and inspiration!

Download Links for Manjaro Openbox-Lite 0.8.4
32-bit Openbox-Lite (602MB) or 64-bit Openbox-Lite (759MB)
Openbox-Lite Quick Guide and SHA1 / SHA256 SUMS
Openbox-Lite Folder

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