Manjaro 0.8.5 Preview3 released – find what we might have missed

More features, more refinements, and more user-friendliness characterises the release of Manjaro 0.8.5-pre3.

A common problem with every Linux Distribution is the installation for language translation packages. With our graphical tool Manjaro Settings Manager we want to make that as easy as possible. Therefore we created nice wizards which will guide you thru each step. We will notify you when a new language packages came available. Also you can change your system language and keyboard layouts with Manjaro Settings Mananger quite comfortable.

To make the keyboard layout setup as simple as possible we created kbctl, a cli-tool you can set your keyboard to american standard with for example followed cmd: ‘kbctl -l us’ – it sets the proper layout for X11 and your console, plus loads it asap.

Alot of work went into our graphical installer we forked from Linux Mint. Thanks flies out to Clement and his team. We teaked it a little to fit for Archlinux based Distros. For now only installation on one harddrive is properly supported, but you can mount other other partitions by hand if you choose the manual option. I recommend to use our cli-installers for this matter which offers still all the features like efi-support and makes it possible to install Manjaro on your Macs.

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