Manjaro 0.8.5-pre2 released – Updated graphical installer


We want to thank our great community for helping us squashing some nasty bugs found in our first preview featuring our new graphical installer.

Lot’s of issues were related on the problem setting up a proper keyboard layout. Another issue was the installation of translation-packages for libreoffice, firefox and thunderbird.

Including todays update-pack from our stable-repositories will bring you followed updates: Libreoffice 4.0.1, firefox 19.0.3, thunderbird 17.0.4.

Changes since first preview

  • updated keyboard layout setup
  • localized packages for kde, libreoffice, firefox and thunderbird get proper installed
  • localized packages get only installed when their parent-packages are already installed
  • updated slideshows
  • based on stable-repositories

Below are some screen-shots of the new graphical installer. We hope you enjoy using Manjaro Linux, as well as being part of our vibrant community!







This build is considered as a development release and my have issues. If the graphical installer crashes on you, please open a terminal and run it with ‘sudo live-installer‘. The generated log can be used for bug-squashing. The old cli-installer can be started with sudo setup.

Seems we missed one small detail which prevent to set your keyboard layout properly during the live session. Therefor we have created a small xdelta3 patch. Please download it and patch your iso-images. A detailed readme is included: Patch to fix keyboard layout issue in live-session mode

Download Links
0.8.4 User Guide: PDF File
XFCE: 32-bit ISO or 64-bit ISO and Quick-Guide

– d4936a936e358c3e97706ff18e37cf5250f4099a manjaro-xfce-0.8-r13-0312-i686.iso
– 34eba89917a1aee582a4961f2b81dbed9874c357 manjaro-xfce-0.8-r13-0312-x86_64.iso
– e5fae5c53abf0f3150232a59e9c58d2688e66072

Support Links
Manjaro Support Forum – report issues
Manjaro Wiki
How to create USB installation-medias

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