Daily Archive: March 12, 2013

Manjaro 0.8.5-pre2 released – Updated graphical installer

We want to thank our great community for helping us squashing some nasty bugs found in our first preview featuring our new graphical installer. Lot’s of issues were related on the problem setting up a proper keyboard layout. Another issue was the installation of translation-packages for libreoffice, firefox and thunderbird. Including todays update-pack from our […]

Stable repositories got updated

Today’s merge of Manjaro-Stable from our Manjaro-Testing repositories will bring these changes: 10 new packages in basis, including nvidia 313.26, systemd 198, keyboardctl 0.1.0 (i686, x86_64, lib32) 5 new packages in addon, including our new graphical installer and manjaroiso updates (i686, x86_64) 14 new packages in platform (i686, x86_64) 711 new packages in extra, including […]

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