Manjaro 0.8.5-pre1 released – test the new graphical installer


More features, more refinements, and more user-friendliness characterises the first public preview of 0.8.5.

The most immediately noticable difference will likely be the introduction of the graphical installer. It features partitioning with help of gparted and a simple user interface with lot’s of options of personal customization.

Another change will be the new html-based display manager using webkit for displaying the login screen. With a graphical settings tool plus theme emulator you can costumize the display manager easily to your liking. From auto-login, remote-login to userlist editing – all options can be done by a click of your mouse.

Pamac got needed updates and fixes to work even better than before. With this build our kernel got updated to 3.7.10. Steam pre-installed gives you instant access to over 80 native running state-of-the-art games.

Below are some screen-shots of the new display manager and graphical installer. We hope you enjoy using Manjaro Linux, as well as being part of our vibrant community!







This build is considered as a development release and my have issues. If the graphical installer crashes on you, please open a terminal and run it with ‘sudo live-installer‘. The generated log can be used for bug-squashing. The old cli-installer can be started with sudo setup.

Since we already found some issues with the shipped installer we recommend to update the installer before running it:

sudo pacman -Sy live-installer

Download Links
0.8.4 User Guide: PDF File
XFCE: 32-bit ISO or 64-bit ISO and Quick-Guide

– 4a064b9e0d35d82904cc27ef999dee6adc351363 manjaro-xfce-0.8-r13-0307-i686.iso
– 582f27b6f331867e7b94b0f7afa2434cbe8a7608 manjaro-xfce-0.8-r13-0307-x86_64.iso

Support Links
Manjaro Support Forum – report issues
Manjaro Wiki
How to create USB installation-medias

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