Security and Pamac updates in Stable

Manjaro Linux 0.8.4 release was one of our best releases yet. Carl Duff found a recent bug in his Openbox-Edition which got an enhanced respin with updates. Also there was a recent reported security issue with all our kernels. Those got updated to close it. With the new archlinux-keyring it is now possible to install newer packages. Please wait for your mirror to sync before trying to update your system.

With Pamac 0.4.2 we offer now followed changes:

  • It nows write done transactions in /var/log/pamac.log
  • Errors messages are more clear and detailed.
  • When installing a kernel, it also install modules required by other packages (Example: matching virtualbox-extramodules get automatically installed when virtualbox was installed)
  • When a conflict need a package removal, check if this package is needed by any other and display an error

Detailed Security Update Changes