New Manjaro LXDE Community Edition released!

“Community Editions” of Manjaro Linux are released as bonus flavours in addition to those officially supported and maintained by the Manjaro Team, provided that the time and resources necessary are available to do so.

The super-lightweight LXDE flavour has also been completely revised and re-built from the ground up to be the second new-and-improved community edition released this year.

Available for both 32 and 64-bit systems, this version provides access to even more new features yet to be seen in the upcoming official releases of Manjaro 0.8.4:

  • New graphical boot screen
  • New 0.8.4 visual style and desktop theme
  • Kernel version 3.7 replaces 3.4 as the default (with improved flash support)
  • Manjaro Exclusive: Pamac – a user user-friendly graphical interface to easily update the system and manage software – replaces Kalu, Package Browser, and the Pacman-GUI.

The latest LXDE flavour itself also provides a number of new features of its own:

  • Lightweight office applications have been pre-installed (e.g. Abiword and Gnumeric)
  • Full printing support is provided out of the box
  • Vastly improved bootup speed

And again, several notable fixes and improvements have been undertaken:

  • Default Home folders (Downloads, Pictures, etc.) are now automatically provided
  • Removable media (e.g. USB sticks) can now be mounted
  • Other partitions can be seen and accessed
  • The trash function is fully operational

Download 32 and 64-bit Manjaro LXDE Community Editions (Feb 2013)
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